About the three principles

This understanding describes how our thinking covers up our permanent state of wellbeing and stops us from getting in touch with our wisdom.

The three principles are:

Principle of thought

Principle of consciousness

Principle of mind

The principle of thought describes the fact that we are thinking persons. This power starts to guide us through life immediately after we are born. The principle of consciousness is the gift of awareness; the awareness of the fact that we perceive the world through our own thinking and the power which makes our thinking look real. The lower our level of consciousness, the more intense the feeling of reality. What can we do? We cannot stop our thinking but we can slow it down… When our thinking calms down and we are in a relaxed state we have access to our wisdom and the infinite source of energy called mind. The ideas coming from that source, just seem right. They come at the right moment with a good feeling and no possible explanation how they occurred to you.

Why would we wish to find out more about the three principles?

 The three principles is an understanding which explains how our life experience is created. If we look into it, we will find out how we, as human beings, function. We will also find out that “our thinking” is the only experience we can ever have.

What will change after discovering how we work?

That is up to each and every one of us. It can bring some ease in life, by taking thoughts less seriously. It brought for me.

Sydney Banks discovered the understanding and started to share it in year 1973. Read more about his experience under the link http://www.threeprinciplesfoundation.org/about-sydney-banks/